Islands In The Sun

A new program to keep our roads clean and litter free

Island In The Sun

One of the top priorities of Tucson Business Owners, Inc. is to improve curb appeal to beautify and promote our community.  Islands In The Sun is an innovative program to help keep medians on our major streets clean and litter free.  Local business owners do an outstanding job of keeping the area in front of their establishments, from the sidewalk inward, clean.  But over the years there has been a build up of debris along many of our thoroughfares from curb to curb including the center islands.

Tucson Business Owners, in cooperation with the Department of Transportation and Mobility of the City of Tucson, have started a pilot program in which local businesses may sponsor the on-going clean up of an island on our roadways. Carlos Ruiz, of Tucson Business Owners, announced a test program to take place on Speedway Boulevard from Wilmot Road to Swan Road. “There are seventeen islands on that stretch of Speedway,” said Ruiz. “I will sponsor one of the medians so we only need sixteen more business owners to sponsor the rest and make this pilot program a success.”

In return for a sponsorship fee the business owner will receive a small sign on the median. Proceeds from the fee will be used to keep that section of the road clean.

For more information please contact Dr. Ed Ackerley, President of Tucson Business Owners, Inc., by calling (520) 850-7058.

Listen to Wake Up Tucson radio show broadcast on Friday, September, 2020 with Dr. Ed Ackerley and Carlos Ruiz talking about Islands in the Sun.