Thanksgiving Boxes


Tucson Business Owners, Inc. coordinated the donation of meals for Thanksgiving. Local businesses worked in cooperation with Gap Ministries and Coaches for Charity to deliver meals to families with children attending Apollo Middle School.

City of Tucson Councilman Richard Fimbres asked Tucson Business Owners to assist with donating meals for families from Apollo Middle School in Sunnyside School District.

Chef John Hohn, Gap Ministries

Executive Chef John Hohn of GAP Ministries along with his culinary team graciously donated much of the food and labor to prepare the boxes. If you are not familiar with GAP Ministries, one of the services they provide is to teach young people the art of cooking during a transitional period of their life. It is an excellent program, and John is a shining example of what is right with Tucson, along with Tiane Kennedy and all the wonderful, dedicated staff at GAP Ministries.

This is just a SMALL WAY that Tucson Business Owners is helping our community. If you would like to sponsor a Thanksgiving Box for one of the families, we are collecting $26 checks (to feed one family).

If you are interested, we can take a credit card (send me an email or text 520-850-7058) We are coordinating with Coaches for Charity, a 501(c)3 organization I also oversee – so your $26 donation would be tax deductible,
you would receive a letter from Coaches for Charity acknowledging your donation.

If you wish to donate, make your check out to Coaches for Charity and mail to:
Dr. Ed Ackerley
Tucson Business Owners
P O Box 41021
Tucson, AZ 85717
(Email or call me, and I will come pick up a check (520) 850-7058)

You can also make out the check directly to Tucson Business Owners if you prefer.
Thank you in advance for your consideration! Happy Thanksgiving!

TUCSON…It’s Pretty Cool!